Production and marketing of classic and organic sugarcane honey, sugarcane honey cakes, biscuits and chocolates


Factory Ribeiro Sêco



Founded in 1883

The sugarcane Honey Factory Ribeiro Sêco of V. Melim, Lda, with more than 125 years, is a reference in the sugarcane honey production sector, a product that is part of the identity of Madeira Island.

Soon after the discovery of the Island, in 1419, it claimed itself among the producers of sugarcane, fundamental activity for the development and prosperity of Madeira. From then until today, the city of Funchal's coat of arms, keeps as weapons the five loaves of sugar.

The production of sugar, sugarcane honey and brandy reached its peak in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, because although the 33 sugar mills were of small dimensions, many foreigners said the sugar from Madeira was the best in the world.

In the eighteenth century, after a difficult period, only labored the mill of Ribeira of Socorridos. This engine was the "father" of the Honey Factory Ribeiro Sêco, whose historical records are united by family relationship.

The engine of Ribeiro Sêco, by the hands of Aluísio César Bettencourt, is born in 1883, but it is in the direction of his son, Luís Vogado Bettencourt that the name of this factory is confused with the honey itself.
This closes the brandy engines in 1927 and dedicates itself fully to the production of sugarcane honey. So became the Sugarcane Honey Factory Ribeiro Sêco.
Sugarcane Honey
Sugarcane Honey
Between periods of peak and others of lower production, sugarcane honey never stopped being produced and above all to be at the table of islanders, especially during Carnival and Christmas. Sugarcane Honey Ribeiro Sêco Factory is a factory that protects the secular culture of the sugarcane as timeless heritage of Madeira.
Sugarcane Honey is much more than a witness to history, it is a living product, modern, constantly adapting, whose production is a true art.